All the Ways to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

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Wrinkles and fine likes are the common aging signs. As we age, skin elasticity lowers and we get all aging sins.

Wrinkles vs fine lines

These are very different. They are various from one another said Beauty Have, fine lines are also expression lines too  and are due to facial muscle moves like smile or frown. But wrinkles are much deeper than a line and are normal in aging. They also are due to sun exposure, pollution, facial movements that are harsh, smiling, squint, frown.


The wrinkles and fine lines have many causes. Net Doctor said both issues are to losing collagen and elastin for the skin and also with years sun exposure UV ray lights you damage this. For physiology, collagen links cells and tissues. Lines also appear near the eyes and mouth and when you reach 30.

Home remedies

Many medical items might help, but nature is always the best cures.

Olive oil

Тhis is the best natural remedy for wrinkles and lines. Top 10 Home Remedies said this has vitamin E and A. also the A is amazing for vision and great for skin and mucus health. the E also enhances skin quality. Both of them are antioxidants and help you remove toxins of the body like free radicals that make cancer and aging. As to the publications, massage this oil on the skin area for protection. Also mix some honey and glycerin oil too. Do this 2 times per day. This removes skin cells and tightens the skin.


Аnother cure for lines and wrinkles. This has vitamin C for skin collagen. This binds loose links between tissues and cells like those in the skin. Home Remedy Shop said the pulp of pineapple is for the skin and after 10 min, rinse it. Then massage the face in circles and with this you improve blood flow, skin tone and wrinkle removal.


Тhis is water rich veggie that we all eat. Find Home Remedy said slices of cucumber can moisturize skin and reduce pigments  and dark skin under eyes. Also sliced cucumber can be cooled in the fridge and used on the eyelids for 15min, this removes dryness and dark skin.

Rose water

Тhis water is also like remedy for this issue. The Health Site said this is a cleanser, dirt removal and unclogging pores. Also is astringent and tightens the skin. As they said,  2 tsp rose water and 3-4 drops glycerine and ½ tsp lemon juice is amazing with a dipped cotton every night before bed.

Wrinkles and lines a re due to many causes, sun exposure, tanning, environment and aging. Home cures and medical items all help but you choose which you need.


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