(VIDEO) How to Grow Tomato Seedlings? The Easiest Way!

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Don`t throw the overripe tomatoes! Today we present you one amazing idea, how to grow tomatoes in a pot.


All you need is one tomato. Cut it into slices. In a pot, put a soil. Now you can start.  Put the slices of tomato on the soil and throw soil over them. Cover them barely. Water the  pot sporadically.

This seedling technique seems almost too easy, but looks like it works like an absolute charm. So, in 2 weeks, you should end up with 45-50 tomato seedlings. It is necessary to pull them in larger seedlings and plant them. Use: 2 plants per pot.

According to some researches by Yale Environment 360, 30-40 % of what is grown and raised in the US is thrown away. Maybe some  percent is rotting between kitchens and farms. That is near by 133 billion pounds of food.

This is one of the easiest ways to grow tomato, onion, and other vegetables. This is helpful trick, no need to buy seeds to grow the tomatoes.

Watch the video:

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