Why it’s useful to sleep in a cold room?

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Did you know that the temperature in the room where you sleep is of great importance? Many think that if well heated room before going to bed – sleeping will be better, but wrong.

Scientists think otherwise. According to the research ideal room temperature for sleeping is somewhere between 16 and 19 degrees.

Well, what do you get if you turn down the temperature a few degrees?

1. Reduce the risk of diabetes

The body will say thank you, because that way you reduce the risk of diabetes.

He was conducted experiment whose results have shown that the metabolism of people who sleep in cold rooms is faster and better, and also burn calories faster. These two facts lead to the conclusion that reduces the risk of diabetes.

2. You will look younger

High temperature block the release of melatonin. This hormone in turn slows the aging process. Which means, if you sleep in a cold room will release more, and you’ll look youthful.

3. Faster will sleep

Besides the health benefits, and receive practical benefit. You can fall asleep very quickly, because the body will not need adjustment.

Try today to sleep in a cold room.

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