The Unbelievable: Sesame Milk With Health Benefits

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Ingredients for this unbelievable sesame milk:

-1/4 cup whole sesame seeds
-half a liter of water

Preparation :

Put the seeds in a grinder and grind them. Next up is the water and mix them both ingredients very well. Leave them about three hours to macerate , then you should filter and sweeten them. Another way for obtaining sesame milk is if you mix it in a blender and you need a cup of sesame butter (tahin) and two cups of water.

Health Benefits:

Sesame seeds (seed of joy) are very rich in essential fatty acids, lecithin, minerals and vitamins.

Lecithin is a phosphorous fat and a nutrient in brain cells.

Sesame milk has more calcium than cow’s milk: 100g of unroasted sesame seeds contain 1,125mg of calcium, while two glasses of milk contain only 500mg.

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