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Sometimes the flowers bring a small packet with a powder that is thrown into the water to last longer fresh. But sometimes they do not bring it. Whether it is because your lover gave you roses and wants them to last as long as possible or because you bought flowers to decorate your home, these home-made tricks can be very useful.

How to make flowers to last cool longer

The key to making the flowers last longer is to feed them fresh and keep them from growing bacteria. That’s why it’s important that the vase where you put them is clean. Some bouquets come with a small packet of food to put in the water, but for the bouquets that do not bring it, there are several ingredients that we have in the home that serve the same purpose. Some ways to make the flowers stay fresh longer are:

Before putting the flowers in the water, throw two tablespoons of apple vinegar and two of sugar, stir the water well and put the flowers. Sugar feeds them and vinegar prevents bacteria from growing. If you do not have apple cider vinegar, no problem, you can use white vinegar.
If you do not have vinegar you can use vodka. You put a few drops of vodka in the water to keep it free of bacteria and add a spoonful of sugar.

Mix well and put the flowers. It is important to change the water after a few days but do not forget to throw back the natural preservatives.

Sugar also serves to extend the life of plants in general. Simply add a spoonful of sugar or honey to the water.

Another trick to keep flowers fresh longer is to put powdered aspirin into the water. This is a very popular and very effective remedy!

And another, I do not know why it works but I’ve seen it in several places and is that they throw a copper coin like the penny, the penny of the United States.

The stems of the flowers should be cut in a diagonal direction. It is also important to keep them in a cool place.

If you cut the flowers in the garden yourself, cut them in the morning to last longer. If you cut them in the afternoon, the sun has already been removing moisture during the day and therefore will last less. They should not be cut with blunt scissors because that will mistreat the stem.

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