Strange Fashion, Beauty and Health Uses of Common Household Items

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Most things we find at home have many uses. Some home items are for fashion, health, beauty and more. From eyebrow brush to remove lint, to lotion for hair sleek.

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Eyebrow brush

To be on an event and see you have pet hairs on you? Yuk! Just take the eyebrow brush and remove the fuzz of the clothes. Remove the dirt of the brush with each swab. Use this also on the face, but clean it first.

Dryer sheets

No time for shampoo? Try dryer sheet. They decrease the hair grease and remove smell and fly always. Rub the dryer sheet like a towel.

Eye shadow

This is used for many things. For blush, highlight, lipstick, contour. Also hide the hair roots to look thicker. Expired shadow can be like DIY pain.


This is known for pimple use, but also to remove yellow stains of nails and car light dirt.


Use them to organize jewelry and use the buttons to never lose earrings. Also pair them to bracelets and necklaces. Color old buttons and use them for adding design to old bags and clothes.

Facial toner

Did you make a mistake with the self tanner? The facial tonner can be used as getting rid of uneven tan. streaks and splotches too.


If you get a burn with the curling iron or cooking  just soothe the burn with this food item. Apply this on the wound and remove swelling, speed healing and redness will be gone.



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