A special spot on the finger: Instantly lowers blood pressure and eliminates every pain!

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If you feel sick, had a bad day, or experience a headache, you can just press this point for a minute and your mood will improve and the pain will go away. Moreover, with this technique you can stabilize your blood pressure and won’t have vertigo.

The trick is used by military medicine for fats recovery and bringing back to health. It is located on the middle finger on both of the hands and it has to be pressed with a pen. It is painful, however, in a minutes, the pain will disappear for it works like a blockage. When you feel bad, press the point, and your body will normalize instantly.

My neighbor, a retired army officer, has showed me this trick:

The spot is on the middle fingers of your left and right hand. You should press it, with a pen, for instance, and hold it as shown in the picture for a minute. It is excruciatingly painful!

However, when the minute is gone, the pain on your finger is gone too, and so is the other pain (in my case back pain). It acts as a pain blockade.

This is not, of course, an advice for treating hypertension or other illnesses in the long term, but only a first-aid help in emergencies, when you don’t have medicines with you or if they don’t work, to help you get an instant relief.


This is not a hypertension cure, nor can treat diseases, but it is a first aid for emergencies when you don’t have a medicine with you, or in cases where they don’t work. It will help you only to release yourself form health problems for a moment.

Source: www.healthytipsworld.net

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