Sodium Ascorbate vs. Ascorbic Acid. Which Is Better Between These Two Vitamins C?

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We all know that vitamin C is vital for defense against health issues. It makes immunity stronger and makes the hair, skin, nails, teeth, gums, bones, connective tissues healthier. Also it makes us absorb better iron.

These days there are many vitamin C supplements. They are sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid. But which is better?

Know them better

During the past, there was just ascorbic acid for those needing more C in the diet. Ascorbic acid is antioxidant, the same vitamin C type from fruits, citrus fruits and leafy greens.

Also there is the sodium ascorbate. This is just a bit chemically different, but still is C. what makes it different? There is sodium too, salt to be precise. Experts say that 11% sodium ascorbate has sodium. The rest is just ascorbic acid.

What about side effects?

The ascorbic acid is amazing C source. It makes immunity stronger and corrects medical issues from C deficit. But there is one problem for those taking ascorbic acid, hyperacidity.

The name itself says this is highly acidic. The intake of ascorbic acid is a bad thing and makes acid reflux too. This is a common side effect here and inevitable even.

Sodium addition

This sodium ascorbate has ascorbic acid. But there is sodium too and this makes the acidity. Intake sodium ascorbate will not make the belly acidic. Also it will not make acid reflux and heartburn. The other perk of sodium ascorbate is that it gets absorbed faster say experts. Also, they add sodium ascorbate stays longer in the body unlike the ascorbic acid, flushed fast with urine.

Just some few downsides

Think again before you say sodium ascorbate is better than ascorbic acid. There are some downsides. First is the cost, sodium ascorbate costs more than ascorbic acid.

And 11% sodium ascorbate is made of sodium. Some people have to limit the sodium ingestion, those with hypertension and heart issues. So you will get 111 mg sodium for a 1000 mg pill sodium ascorbate.

To sum things up

It is vital to know that ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate are amazing and healthy for getting vitamin C. each is specific and has pros and cons. Depends on your needs which one you choose. But, always listen to the doctor.

Experts also say healthy people do not need to force supplement C every day, regardless which item you choose. The daily need of C is between 75-90 mg with a healthy diet.


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