Simple Trick To Wear High Heels Without Feeling Pain In The Feet!

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One of the most important elegance looks for a women are the heels and almost every women wears them. Heels look good on the legs and make them look longer and more attractive. Its main function is to make the woman’s body much leaner and longer than it really is.

Many girls around the world wear them and when they are on them they attract many looks, from men and even from other women. The dream of all women is to look beautiful and elegant while wearing heels without having any pain in the feet, but this unfortunately is not possible. The position that fit the feet inside this footwear is very uncomfortable and generates very strong pains in this area.


Surely it has happened to you that if you wear your heels for long periods of time when you remove them you feel an unbearable pain, because this happens because we seldom know how to handle our weight in these shoes. But that’s it, this trick will allow you to spend hours in heels without feeling a piza of pain, once you put it into practice you will not want to ever lose this type of footwear.

Done correctly this trick is also able to eliminate the numbness that is formed after using heels, in addition you will be able to prevent those annoying cramps that make it difficult to him to walk. Now that you know the benefits that can bring you heels while you do this trick, we will show you what you will need to achieve it successfully.

Believe it or not, you’ll just need tape. It can be transparent or skin color, it depends on how much you need to disguise it. If your heels are open we recommend the skin colored ribbon, if they are closed you can use either.

The procedure is simple, look step by step what you must do:

  • Step 1: Cut the adhesive tape and place it on the middle and ring finger of the feet, form a bandage.
  • Step 2: Adjust the tape so that the fingers do not separate. Use the necessary amount, do not skip.

The reason for these pains in the feet is because when we set foot on the floor the fingers are separated between them and this causes a nuisance in the feet. You will see that when you practice this simple trick you will not suffer from any annoying pain in your feet and you can look beautiful and fabulous in your favorite heels.

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