This Simple Spoon Test Reveals Hidden Health Problems In Your Body

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All of us are not always available to make it to the doctor when they are in need. We cancel appointments because we have duties and other things to do and leave the health issues behind. For our luck there are some things and check ups that can be done at home, and we show you today how to make this things happens.

Here’s how to check your heath in one minute:

  1. Take a spoon and scrape it on the whole surface of the tongue. The tongue should be wet with saliva, make sure of that.
  2. Then take the spoon and put it in a plastic bag that is transparent, and then you should put it on a bright light.
  3. You should wait one minute and then check the spoon.
  4. If your spoon appears clean with no stains or unpleasant odors, your internal organs are doing just fine. If you notice something is off, there might be a problem.

If there’s an odor coming from the spoon:

  • A strong, rotting odor coming from the spoon may indicate problems with your lungs. This smell is much worse than traditional bad breath. It could be a sign of a lung problem ranging from a bad infection to cancer.
  • A sweet, fruity odor coming from the spoon may be a sign of diabetes. If your body isn’t processing sugar properly, your blood sugar rises and your cells start burning fat for energy. The byproduct of this processes is ketones, which can make your breath smell fruity.
  • An odor that smells like ammonia coming from the spoon may indicate problems with the kidneys. This “fishy” smell can be a sign of kidney failure.

If there are stains on the spoon:

  • If the stains are white or yellow with a thick coating, it may be an indication of a thyroid gland dysfunction. The conversion of beta-carotene to Vitamin A depends on the thyroid hormone. A deficiency can manifest as a yellowish buildup of carotene.
  • If the stains are purple, it may mean you have poor blood circulation or high cholesterol levels. It can also indicate bronchitis. Bronchitis cuts down the efficiency of airwaves that bring oxygen to the blood stream, which can cause a purple tint.
  • If the stains are white, you may be suffering from a respiratory infection. White buildup on the tongue can be caused by several different infections and viruses.
  • If the stains are orange, it may be a sign of kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease can either cause the mouth tissues to appear pale due to anemia, or orange due to carotene-like deposits.

Visit a medical professional if you suspect any type of health issue. Check out the video below for a similar at-home health check-up test:

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