The Right Way To Prepare Oatmeal With Cinnamon To Lose Weight

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Oat water is a very important food, which we should consume when we want to lose weight. Its importance lies in that in addition to helping you in the thinning process, it also helps you with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function in optimum conditions.

Next we will show you how to prepare oat water to take advantage of all its properties in the process of slimming.


To prepare a delicious oatmeal you will need the following ingredients.


-1 cup whole organic oats
-1 tablespoon vanilla essence
-6-8 cups purified water
-1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
-A little organic honey


1.Soak oats for 7 hours

2.After that time, strain the oats, also cleaning it with pure water to eliminate the antinutrients and inhibitors of enzymes released during soaking.

3.Once cleaned and drained, it is liquefied with honey, cinnamon and vanilla with water.

4.Then pour it in a pitcher (you can also paste it), and serve with ice to taste.

Dosages and uses of oatmeal:

Consume a glass of oatmeal with a light breakfast, and a second glass 10 minutes before lunch.


-Oats contain betaglucans, soluble fiber and polyphenols known as avenithramides, which are antioxidants.

-Stabilize blood sugar levels. The Avena keeps you full for longer, without increasing the sugar.

-When you consume oats, you feel fuller and level your appetite, which will allow you to reduce the consumption of foods that can affect your diet.

-Helps to have regular bowel movements. High fiber content helps prevent constipation.

-Improve athletic performance: Changes metabolism and increases performance if you drink oatmeal about one hour before exercise.

Oatmeal is a very delicious food and because of its high content in fiber and other nutrients is very potent for slimming.



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