This Remedy Will Make You Stop Smoking In Only 72 Hours

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Stop smoking is one of the most difficult goals one can think of, but in turn, it is an immediate necessity if you are looking to keep your health at bay.

This is because cigarette smoking is the cause of a large number of fatal diseases such as lung cancer, tongue, and throat, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and emphysema. In fact, smoking causes 440,000 Americans to die each year.

In this article, we will teach you how to quit smoking naturally and without resorting to expensive treatments. Read on to learn everything.


The first thing you should do before raising the goal of quitting is to raise awareness about the problems caused by this bad habit. In this sense, you must know that its consequences will be present sooner or later if you do not leave the cigarette.

Once you quit smoking completely you will notice how your body is eliminating all the toxins that smoking gives us, how you start to breathe normally, to feel new fragrances, to be able to run without too much effort and to notice that the foods have more flavor. We really guarantee you that it is worth quitting. Next, we will teach you a trick so that you can get closer to your goal.


-Lemon Essential Oil
-Eucalyptus essential oil
-Black pepper


-The first thing to do is to mix the two oils in equal parts
-Then place the mixture in a jar and add a few grains of black pepper
-Wet a cotton ball with the oil mixture and learn under your nose every time you feel like smoking
-Inhale several times on the cotton ball until the desire to smoke has disappeared
-One of the problems that make smoking cessation more difficult is the anxiety that is present as a withdrawal syndrome, along with feelings of frustration, irritability, and depression. But this preparation we teach you will help you stay relaxed and reduce the symptoms caused by the withdrawal syndrome.

Other natural herbs that are very beneficial when stop smoking are:

-Ginger root: used to treat nausea caused by withdrawal
-Passion flower: it is very effective to combat irritability and anger without cause
-Rhodiola: thanks to its serotonin content, it gives us extra energy to combat fatigue

If you notice that anxiety is very serious and the need to smoke is a constant, you can try attending help groups for tobacco addicts. The company will help you not to feel alone in this important way so that you can achieve the great goal: quit smoking.

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