Proven Health Benefits of Pine Tree Pollen

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“Great for Creating More Energetic Life Force”

Pine trees grow all over the world and the pollen is now being harvested as a good nutritional supplement and it has lots of health benefits. And pine tree pollen has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating lots of health challenges for centuries.

Pine trees of different varieties grow all over the world and they all produce tons pollen which is high in vitamins, trace minerals, protein, and help to balance our hormones. Pine tree pollen is a little bit pricey right now but perhaps in the future, it will come down in price.

Contains Lots of Plant Sterols – Pine tree pollen is full of plant sterols that help to balance our hormonal system. It helps to increase testosterone and also helps to balance estrogen— and it can help with menopause and andropause.

Contains Phenylalanine for Good Mood – Pine tree pollen contains phenylalanine which helps to boost up L-Dopamine production in our brain so that we are happier. Thus pine tree pollen can help with depression and improve our mood.

Lots of Vitamins – Pine tree pollen contains lots of great vitamins such as Vitamin A as a super antioxidant, B Vitamins for good mood and vitality, Vitamin D for great skin and uplifting mood and strong bones, plus Vitamin E for sexual health and great looking skin.

Contains Lots of Protein – Pine tree pollen contains 20 different proteins— all the essential proteins and more. A good source of protein for just about every function in the body—for creating brain tissue, to muscle, to enzyme production. And it’s a good source of protein for vegans.

Contains Lots of Great Minerals – Pine tree pollen contains lots of important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, copper and iron for anemia, manganese and magnesium for enzyme production, potassium for cardiovascular function and water regulation, selenium for good immune system function, silicon for strong nails and great hair, and zinc for keeping away colds and flues and more.

Anti-inflammatory – Pine tree pollen is a good anti-inflammatory agent helping with arthritis, joint pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness. And because inflammation is the first step towards disease it’s important to prevent inflammation. And pine tree pollen is also great for healing skin challenges. Pine tree pollen contains a natural sulfur compound called MSM which is great for inflammation in general and skin inflammation.

Powerful Antioxidants – Pine tree pollen contains lots of powerful antioxidants to prevent and repair DNA damage and to prevent disease. Glutathione and superoxide dismutase are just two of the many powerful antioxidants found in pine tree pollen.

Contains DHEA – Pine tree pollen contains DHEA which helps to balance hormones and create more hormones in the body. DHEA can improve a person mood and help with depression, help with weight loss, gain lean muscle mass, increase libido and sex drive, and boost up our immune system.

Melatonin Production – DHEA also helps the brain to produce more melatonin thus helping a person to sleep better and feel better in general.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine  – In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s thought that pine tree pollen can be used to replenish Jing or natural life force. It is thought that we are all born with a certain amount of Jing or life force and with stress, overwork, and exhaustion we lose Jing or life force. And pine tree pollen can help to replenish Jing and increase libido, stamina, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

Pine tree pollen is a tonic for the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and lungs in Chinese Medicine.

Adaptogen – Pine tree pollen is a great adaptogen helping to create hormonal balance in the body and also boost energy levels and to rejuvenate many organ systems.

Possible Spiritual Effects – And some feel pine tree pollen can help open up the pineal gland and thus attain high levels of consciousness.

Broken Cell Pine Tree Pollen – Broken cell pine tree pollen will give a person about 25% more nutrients and make it more bioavailable.

Forms – Pine tree pollen can be found as powders, capsules, and as tinctures.

Dose – General dose is from 5 grams to 20 grams twice a day of the powder. It is a natural product and will take some time to work so keep taking it and over time a person will see results. Take pine tree pollen on an empty stomach if possible, but if it causes stomach discomfort take with food.

Finding – Google “Buy Pine Tree Pollen” and lots of places that sell this pollen will come up–and it can also be found on amazon and eBay.

How to Take – Some feel it’s best to take pine tree pollen with a little stinging nettle or Japanese knotweed in order to allow more testosterone producing nutrients to be preserved. And the powered can be added to drinks, sweets, and other foods this is a common way to take pine tree pollen in Asia. Also, the tincture can be taken by holding a small amount under the tongue until all the nutrients are absorbed.

Side Effects – Pine tree pollen might change the sex of a newly conceived child so it should not be taken by those who are pregnant, nursing, or by small children.

Try some pine tree pollen today — it just might be what you need.

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