Proven Health Benefits of Organic Green Peas

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Green peas also known as Pisum satvium have been around for thousands of years. Peas are a nutritious and inexpensive food source, and most people don’t know how healing peas can be especially for kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Fresh or Dried – Green peas when fresh are green but when allowed to dry they are sometimes brown or green and called field peas— but still have great nutrition. And split peas are wonderful for making soup.

Where They Grow – Green peas grow all over the world in temperate climates. Peas are a staple crop in Canada, the US, All Over Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, India, The UK, Parts of Africa and other places in the world— and they go back as far as 3000 BC as a vewry important crop. There are bush peas and climbing varieties, also there are varieties that grow well in the tropical climates like pigeon peas and cowpeas.

Colors – There are green peas, yellow peas, purple peas and other colors.

Protects Against Stomach Cancer – Peas contain coumestrol which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent stomach cancer. One cup of peas contains 10 milligrams of coumestrol which is 5 times more than what we need to prevent stomach cancer.

Lots of Omega 3 Oils – Peas also contain lots of healing Omega 3 and 6 oils which are important for cardiovascular health.

Healing Kidney Disease and Lowering Blood Pressure – New studies show that peas contain certain types of proteins that help to prevent and heal kidney disease and lower blood pressure. Studies at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg showed that rats with kidney disease fed pea protein had a huge boost in kidney function. They are not sure exactly why this happens but they think it has to do with the stimulation of cyclooxygenase -1 agent production which is very healing for kidney tissue and lowers blood pressure. Eating peas on a regular basis can increase kidney function by as much as 30%-Wow!

Lowers Blood Sugar – Peas also help to lower and stabilize blood sugar thus peas are great food for diabetics. And peas also help with oxidative stress which is important for preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

Lots of Great Fiber – Fiber is important for boosting up our probiotic bacteria and peas contain lots of fiber. One cup of peas contains from 8 to 10 grams of fiber.

Anti-inflammatory – Peas contain agents that help to lower inflammation thus helping to prevent and heal arthritis, joint disease, and other types of inflammatory diseases. Peas contain pisomosides and saponins that heal and prevent inflammation which is the first step towards disease.

Prevent Cardiovascular Disease – Peas help to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes because they contain lots of great Omega 3 oils.

Contains – Peas contain lots of great B Vitamins for vitality and good mood, Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant, iron and copper for anemia, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, magnesium and manganese for enzyme production, protein for building muscles, Vitamin E for great skin and sexual health, Vitamin K for proper clotting, Beta Carotene for healing DNA damage, and so much more.

Cholesterol Free Food – Peas are cholesterol free food making them great for cardiovascular health.

Make Biodegradable Plastics – The proteins in peas can be made into a biodegradable plastic which saves the environment. And with billions of tons of plastic in our oceans and everywhere else it’s vital that we start using biodegradable plastics.

Nitrogen Fixing – Peas add more nitrogen to the soil thus helping to increase the quality of our soils. Instead of adding chemical based fertilizers just rotating in some peas can create all the nitrogen a field needs.

Using – Peas can be made into soups, stews, steamed, used in casseroles, they can be stir-fried, used in salads, and just about any kind of dish imaginable. Google “Healthy Green Pea Recipes” and lots of great recipes will come up.

Finding – Any supermarket will have fresh and dried organic peas.

Always Eat Organic – Regular veggies in the store contain up to 6 cancer causing chemicals, 10 hormone disrupting chemicals, and 10 other disease causing chemicals— not good — eat organic and stay healthy!

Enjoy Peas and Stay Healthy!

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