Proven Health Benefits of DMG Supplement

- in General

DMG or dimethylglycine or Vitamin B-15 is a protein that has been shown to have some powerful health benefits including helping with autism, boosting our immune system, giving a person more energy and stamina, and helping with weight loss, kidney disease, anti-inflammatory, slows the aging process, helps with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so much more.

What is it made from – Most of the time DMG is made from plant sources and processed from beans and other plants to create a powerful healing agent. And DMG is actually made in the body naturally in small amounts through the Krebs cycle but it breaks down very quickly.

Super Oxygenation and Sports Enhancement – DMG helps the body to utilize more fuel and oxygen thus helping muscles to be powerful and more efficient. It has been said that the Russians where using DMG to make their athletes more powerful for the olympics. And it also helps to decrease lactic acid formation in the body thus making it easy for athletes to go for long periods of time without having aches, pains, and a lack of stamina.

Promotes Hormone Production – DMG also helps the body to produce more hormones and regulate hormones.

Immune System Booster – DMG is a powerful immune system booster and a good anti-fungal agent, antibacterial, and anti-viral agent.

Helps with Diabetes – DMG helps to regulate blood sugar and increases the production of insulin.

Great for Cardiovascular Health – DMG helps to lower cholesterol and trigs and also increases circulation and even helps lower blood pressure.

Slows the Aging Process – DMG also slows the aging process by being a powerful antioxidant, being a powerful adaptogen, and increasing circulation and oxygen utilization.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Similar Diseases – Some have also found that DMG can help with CFS, fibromyalgia, and other immune mediated diseases.

Anti-inflammatory – DMG is also a good anti-inflammatory agent helping with arthritis, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and even cancer. All disease starts out with inflammation and thus DMG helps to prevent disease in general.

Helps with Autoimmune Disease – DMG helps to regulate the immune system thus helping with lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Great for Neurological Disease – DMG helps to prevent seizures, boosts up hormone and neurotransmitter production, and increases oxygen utilization and circulation.

Autism – There are many people who feel that DMG can help heal autism. If you look for testimonials about children being healed of autism with DMG there are lots of them on-line and on youtube.

Cancer – Because DMG is a powerful antioxidant it helps the immune system to fight off the hundreds of cancers that try to take over everyday.

Drugs and Alcohol Addiction – There is some evidence that DMG can also help with alcohol and drug addition by lowering cravings.

Helps with Respiratory Disease – DMG also helps the lungs to function better and thus helps with asthma, bronchitis, and lung disease.

Helps with Stress – Being a powerful adaptogen DMG helps the body cope with the rigors of stress, and helps the body produce nutrients the body needs to build tissues.

Helps with Lots of Diseases – And there are so many diseases that DMG can help with— you will find lots of testimonies to this on-line—if you can think of a disease DMG can probably help.

No Side Effects – Taken in normal doses DMG does not have any side effects that we know of. But it should not be taken by women who are pregnant, nursing or extremely young children—unless directed by a health care provider. And DMG should not be taken with any kind of dairy product which negates the effects of DMG.

Finding – Most health food stores carry DMG or can order it. And DMG can be found on-line by googling “Buy DMG Supplement” and lots of places will come up including Amazon and Ebay.

Forms – DMG usually comes in tablets that can be swallowed or chewable tablets.

Dose – Most people take from 250 mg to 1,500 mg daily. It’s been shown that DMG should be taken for 28 days, and then take a week off, and if needed come back to the supplement. Remember everything has to be processed by our liver even food… so it’s best to be kind to our liver and live a long happy life. And remember we are all different, some people don’t do well with some types of antibiotics and others do, and some don’t get along with certain anti-depressant medications and others do— and the same goes for herbs and supplements we are all different.

Testimonials – See testimonials on-line of people who’ve had great success taking DMG and there are lots of them… google “Testimonials for DMG Supplement”.

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