This Powerful Tea is the Best Remedy for Swollen Legs

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Many people are suffering from swollen legs day after day. This is as a result of different contributive factors such as a change in menstrual cycles, pregnancy, poor blood circulation, as well as taking an unhealthy diet.

Moreover, hot weathers, changes in temperature and humid atmosphere are also contributing factors that lead to legs getting swollen. Fluids in the legs are pulled down to the leg by gravity, thus making them swell. This situation is painful.

For you to relieve the condition, raise your legs up above the ground to a height of about 30 cm while lying down.

You can also resort to natural remedies for swollen legs. Parsley tea is an effective remedy of swollen legs. Parsley tea can get rid of excess fluids in the body.

Parsley is a Natural Diuretic

Numerous study has proved Parsley to be highly beneficial to your health and wellbeing. One such study in the Ethnopharmacology Journal in 2002, proofed parsley to be a natural diuretic.

Parsley can enhance build up of Sodium and Potassium ions, thus stimulating the flow of urine and the osmotic process.

Potassium is highly important in the body. Parsley is rich in Potassium thus equally important in the body. Artificial diuretics decreases potassium levels, thus curbing potassium levels in the body. Unlike these diuretics, Parsley has high Potassium levels thus improving overall body performance.

Another study conducted in Brazil in 2009, showed that aqueous extracts of parsley seeds have great power to enhance the flow of urine and regulate blood pressure.

Dr. John R. Christopher is a well-established herbalist in US. He recommends 64oz. Of parsley tea or raw parsley daily. According to him, this dose yields optimum results in dealing with your condition.

Parsley has no side effects. You can take more than the recommended dose per day without side effects.

The best way to take parsley is to take it when it’s organic and raw.Parsley leaves, seeds, and roots will provide the best results to heal your condition.

Steps into preparing Parsley tea;

Grind fresh Parsley leaves and Parsley roots. Mix the two ingredients well. Put about 500ml of water into a pot and boil. Add five spoonfuls of ground parsley leaves and roots into the boiling water and boil for 5 minutes.

Cool, the prepared Parsley tea for about 20 minutes. Sieve the mixture and take the mad for three times a day. By doing this, you will notice the swellings disappear, and the pain will subside.

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