Nettle Root Against Rheumatic Diseases

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Nettle is widespread, sprouting plant. It grows in landfills often as a weed. About nettle people knew and used since ancient times.

In the 3rd century BC Hippocrates recommended the juice of the nettle for outdoor applications against bites from snakes and scorpions.

Roman soldiers used nettle leaf, rubbing against their skin to get their bodies heated on the battlefield. This procedure nowadays is still used for treatment of arthritis and gout.

In the Middle Century in Europe with nettle they treated coughs and tuberculosis, and the leaves were put in cigarettes smoked for asthma.

We use today fresh juice from nettle stimulating hair growth. In the 17th century Englishman Nicholas Kulpiper, nettle leaves placed in red wine is recommended as a stimulant for late menstruation. The chemical composition, nettle containing scientifically proven, tannins, chlorophyll, formic, acetic and fatty acid, vitamin C and K and acetylcholine and histamine, which originates the burning of the nettle.

In addition, nettle contains significant amounts of iron. For medicinal purposes use young leaves and roots. The best is to harvest the leaves in early spring or early fall. Harvest the roots in the fall (September and October). Carefully store and dry harvested parts in dry place. Nettle leaf is old cure for bleeding (internally or externally).

Also nettle leaf is an excellent complementary therapy in anemic persons and frail elderly people. Nettle root is as an extremely powerful diuretic.

Because of this his action it is widely used in conditions that require dumping toxic substances from the body, such as rheumatic diseases.

By drinking a liter of tea from nettle root for a period of 1 month significantly reduce rheumatic pain in bones and joints.

In addition, the mentioned tea cleanse the urethra facilitates, urination in patients of prostate and reduces high blood pressure.


-4 tablespoons nettle root

-boil 3-5 minutes in 1 liter of water.

After 30 minutes, strain the tea and drink it throughout the day instead of water.

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