Why You Need to Body Mask, Like Now

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Facial masking is a skincare treatment that is often overlooked. But body masking? Almost never happens. Here’s why you should be using a body mask and how to choose one that’s right for your skin.

Maybe you’ve experienced body masking in a spa. But chances are you’ve never even considered this treatment at home.

You cleanse, exfoliate (sometimes), shave (most of the time), and moisturize. Isn’t that enough? If you are experiencing dry skin, body acne, or irritation, a body mask may be what you are missing.

Wondering what the difference is between a body mask and other body treatments? Doesn’t a scrub work the same as a body mask for acne? Isn’t a moisturizer just as good as a body mask for dry skin?

Facial masks are specialty skincare products designed to deliver intensive benefits for different skin issues. If you are dealing with dry, flaky skin, you’d use a facial mask that infuses the skin with moisture. Those battling upset skin conditions, like rosacea, opt for facial masks made with skin soothing ingredients. And when treating acne, you’d choose a treatment mask that clears pores and balances oil.

Same goes for body masks. You choose the type of mask that addresses your specific skin concerns. And, as with facial masks, you can multi-mask to treat a variety of issues at once. Whether you choose to use a prepared product or DIY, body masking can turn your skin issues around feels like an indulgent treat.

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