This Natural Collagen Will Help You Rejuvenate Your Skin The Way You Can Never Imagine!

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Rice is considered as a cosmetic healing tool used for many years and especially appreciated by the beautiful women of Japan.

This natural collagen is rich in the vitamin B complex that stimulates growth and renewal of cells, slows aging and improves blood supply to the skin, all of which helps the skin to shine naturally.

Learn the secrets of the beauty and youth of Japanese women, and help prevent premature aging of the skin. To keep skin condition flawless and prevent premature aging, Japanese women wear a mask made of rice.

This healing mask with rice, milk, and honey will quickly become your favorite because, after use, your skin will be smooth, shiny, very soft, silky and shiny. You stop buying beauty products.
In addition to the properties we already know about rice, rice water moisturizes the face, contains antioxidants and possesses the ability to absorb rays from the sun. In this article, I will show you the ingredients and the process that you have to take to give the perfect and deserved care to your skin.

Japanese homemade recipe to take care of your skin

Ingredients for this natural collagen:

-Two or three tablespoons of rice
-A spoonful of milk
-A spoonful of honey

Procedure and use :

-We begin by cooking the rice, in a pot add the two or three tablespoons and wait until it softens.
-When the rice is cooked, strain the final result. Do not throw the remaining rice water.
-Wash boiled rice and drain in cold water and add 1 tablespoon warm milk. Now add the spoonful of honey, mix everything very well.
-Remember to clean the areas where you will apply the mask, apply directly with your hands and leave a good layer of the mixture, wait for 20 minutes or until it dries.
-Rinse with the water that you separated from the rice previously. This process can be done a maximum of twice per week.

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