Musk Oil: Ancient Fragrant Essential Oil Used For Seduction And Love Attraction

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Musk oil is an essential oil extracted from the seeds of Abelmoschus Moschatus, a malvaceous plant native to Egypt, In, in and Malabar coast. The oil contains 18% linoleic acid and the extraction method can be by carbon dioxide or solvent.

The oil is a pale yellow liquid that changes the intensity of the color and the aroma when aging, intensifying and adopting a color red-brown due to the change in the chemical properties of the aromatic components. It is widely used in industrial perfumery and its price is very high, so it is often replaced by a chemical imitation of the aroma.

It is often called Ambrette. In antiquity and until some decades ago, a substance was extracted from the testicle of the civet (a small mammal from Africa and Asia) whose aroma has a note almost identical to the oleoresin of the Abelmoschus Moschatus , Reason why it stopped being used since its extraction supposed the sacrifice of the animal.

Today musk is still used in industrial perfumery, reaching a very high price, along with sperm whale or gray amber, and is still used in Tibet and Iran in foods for its erotic properties, but has been completely replaced in Alchemical perfumery. Along with incense, rose, jasmine, myrrh, lotus, musk is an ancient oil. We have some examples in the literature: According to the Kama Sutra, the smell of musk is associated with the ideal woman, the most erotic and sensual.

Musk Oil frequently appears in Chinese stories as a factor of seduction and love attraction

The oldest medical books relate cases of men who in their 80 years were revitalized in their love power thanks to this valuable substance.

An Arab writer comments on the importance of perfuming himself with musk as a help before getting involved in a loving act.

“How sweet to enjoy the smell of
my beloved, with her body
smeared with musk and myrrh!”
Harum Al-Ferez, an Arab poet, 1st century BC. Of C.

The legend of the Musk resides in the Hindu mythology. The demon Pulaka, after having suffered a long and strict punishment under the aspect of an antelope, received as a reward from Shiva the ability to emanate a very intense perfume.

From this moment, Pulaka, thanks to its wonderful perfume, began to seduce the women of the gods, thus breaking religious and moral rules. Shiva then ordered him to abandon his demonic body but granted him permission to retain the perfume which is now known as musk.

This name “musk” comes from the Sanskrit “mrgamada”, and means “Amorous essence of antelope”. Empress Josefina, the wife of Napoleon, adored the perfumes and especially the Musk and used it abundantly to seduce to her husband in spite of the numerous protests of this one. Josefina belonged to a group of avant-garde youngsters called “Les Muscadins” for their passion for musk.

The Musk has a very particular, sweet and warm aroma of long durability. It is used in aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Used in massage or as a perfume relieves worries and raises the level of energy and soul. At the physical level it facilitates blood circulation, relieves joint discomfort and spasms and muscle pains.

From Ayurvedic theory, Musk oil regulates and balances the dosha kapha and vata.

From the yogic theory of the chakras, Musk oil resonates vibratorily with the second chakra or SVADHISHTHANA, the emotional-loving level.

It is also called sacral chakra and is placed about five centimeters into the body. The energy that circulates has a frequency and vibration higher than that of the root chakra, is less densely organized. It is the center of energy and physical creativity related to pleasure, physical well-being, love, health, abundance. Musk oil enters into vibratory resonance with the sacral chakra reaching 417 hertz.

Svadhishthana is associated with the sense of taste, and therefore its organ of knowledge is the language. Its organs of activity are the kidneys and is closely related to the prostatic nerve plexus. The governing principle is water.

The sacral chakra energetically shapes the way we experience our feelings and how we feel when we express them. When emotions are suppressed, the body swells by retaining energy in the form of liquids. The sacral chakra controls the flow of loving hormones and is associated with our well-being and physical comfort. The vibration of Musk oil helps us to feel comfortable with our bodies and to allow us the tranquility and relaxation of this center oriented to the life.

The sacral chakra deals with the relationship between our emotions and well-being, between our emotions and our experiences. This chakra sets the limits of our emotional and physical appetites. Your energy creates changes that make us feel irritable, sensual, tearful or aggressive.

When we do not give space to our feelings to express themselves, we hold water and swell, a condition common to women. Musk oil restores the energy system of this chakra which means that we feel emotionally open and we express ourselves frankly, with which the body is balanced. When we begin to express our true feelings, the body acquires a state of luminosity and grace, as if oxygenated and strengthened the cellular structure.

If the personal expression of people depends on the opinions and recognition of others, they feel the lack of vitality by the fact of granting power to others. And if we continually give up our feelings by pleasing others, we deteriorate the connection with our core and weaken our spirit. Musk oil connects us with the abundance of energy associated with the expression of our inner reality, allowing us to preserve and/or restore health.

In the sacral chakra we find the need to love and to experience the awareness of recognition. If we repress these emotions, eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia may occur. One of the predisposing factors for this disease is the fixation of people on external appearance and relationships that do not satisfy the hidden desire for intimacy and connection.

The sacral chakra affects the taste, which in turn influences our appetite and desire to eat, to obtain pleasure sensuality and abundance. If we feel that we do not have enough of what we want or that we want it is not within our reach, we experience a sense of lack.

We deprive ourselves of the love and warmth we desire and find substitutes in food in love without love, in drugs or other inappropriate forms of deprivation. A sacral chakra that does not work in balance, is not able to distinguish when the individual has obtained enough to fill his void. Musk oil leads us to a real sense of well-being, pleasure, and abundance, and we can really recognize when what and who is enough and feel that we love ourselves, we are happy and grateful. Abundance is the feeling that what there is and what will always be enough and that life is kind, satisfying.

Musk oil tempers attitudes, bankrupt old patterns and invokes flexibility. It helps us to accept challenges, to recognize our internal sources, our goods and our vital experiences to build a path that goes through and leaves behind all the rest of the rage. Emotion is basic energy that demands movement. Musk oil makes us explore and transform rabies by making us aware of how it affects others. Musk oil has the capacity for growth and deepening of relationships. Conscious works are manifested in acts of kindness. Musk oil induces us to reflect on the acts of kindness that we share with others.

Musk oil resonates with the energetic flow of the second bodily chakra, modifying the physical and mental state, aligning the energy of this system, and as an experience of it, we consciously approach the emotional world from a perspective of compassionate detachment. Using this oil we can focus on our body, our breath and consciously change our responses. We identify the knots in our body. We can intentionally apply Musk oil on these parts to nourish and relax the body and mind.

When we feel emotionally introverted and in a state of discord, Musk oil breaks through the vast and deep inner world and brings warmth, energy, and attunement to the present moment. The spiritual journey includes daring to explore the intimate sources and act following our own inner direction. Musk oil enables us to listen to what our deeper Being has to say, finding the thread of discordant feelings.

We know that all relationships have phases of contraction and expansion. Musk oil leads us to cultivate an alternative means of expression that we use to relate to others. We can, for example, transform our daydreams and disturbances into sweet moments by keeping in tune with the light and connecting with the unit in the present moment.

When using the Musk oil we can ask ourselves which part of the body welcomes introversion, discord and rage ?.

Abundance is a function of the sacral chakra and relates directly to our sense of personal worth, our right to live and our love of life. Abundance is knowing that what we are, do and have is enough. Musk oil “orders” this energetic center and as the experience we love, we honor our body without needing to punish us. Loving ourselves teaches us to be generous to others (“you can not give what you do not have”).

Another important aspect of this chakra is that it determines the way we experience pleasure. This chakra plays a direct role in the way we respond to others and in the feeling we experience when we allow wellbeing to be an important component of our life. The vibration of Musk oil generates the way to focus on cultivating pleasure with healthy relationships and activities that favor the life of the body and the expression of our feelings.

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