Miraculous Onion: 10 Things That I’m Sure You Didn’t Know Slices Of Onion Could Do

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Did you know that onions have been grown for more than 5000 years? Already in antiquity both in Rome and in Greece, soldiers were fed with large quantities of onion because it was considered to provide physical strength.

This low-calorie vegetable has as close relatives to leek and garlic and contains large amounts of water, almost 90%, and this makes it an excellent regulator of the body besides adding as benefits large amounts of fibers and vitamins.

Maybe they do not enjoy good press along with garlic, due to its intense and penetrating aroma, but these bulbs, although often make us cry, make an invaluable contribution as far as vitamins and minerals are concerned. They have potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. All these minerals are involved in the generation of nerve impulses, muscle activity, regulate water levels in cells, strengthen bones and teeth, improve the immune system and act as a mild laxative.

Next we will make you know the incredible uses of the onion so that you know other of its qualities that go beyond the elaboration of foods and salads.

– Relieves congestion:

Chop an onion and mix with coconut oil to form a paste. Distribute this preparation on the chest and cover it with a piece of cloth to keep the heat. This will help you breathe better and remove mucus.

– Fight the ear infection:

Cut an onion in half and insert it into a sock. Press the cloth with the onion resting on the sore ear and let it act for 10 or 15 minutes. This will help you eliminate the infection and fight the pain.

– Combat colic:

Cherokee Indians use this age-old homemade recipe to relieve colic from babies. Boil a chopped onion in water, strain it and when it is at room temperature give the baby a teaspoon to relieve colic.

– Help with cuts and wounds:

Cut an almost transparent thin sheet of onion and apply on a wound that is bleeding. The blood will stop immediately and at the same time act as an antiseptic avoiding infections.

– Relieves cough:

Cut a large onion in the middle, place the cut sides up and sprinkle on each one a spoonful of brown sugar. Cover the onions for an hour while pouring water. Drink this liquid twice a day to relieve the cough.

– Reduce fever:

Take a large onion and cut into thin slices. Grease the soles of the feet with a little coconut oil and place the slices of onion in the bow of each foot. Wrap your feet to hold the onion in place. Let it work all night long so that its cleansing properties release you from toxins while you sleep.

– Purify the air:

Cut thick slices of onion, place them in plates or in containers that you will distribute in all the rooms of your house. This will help you eliminate bacteria and viruses that are in the air.

Source: homeremediesgarden.com

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