Make Medicinal Wine Of Nettle!

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This homemade drink helps in healing ulcers of the stomach and bowels, kidney disease, anxiety, problems with bones … 

There are many medicinal properties of nettle, a plant that has always been used for medical purposes. In addition to preparing stews and juices, you can make and extremely medicinal wine of nettle.


  • Mix 10 tablespoons of leaves and roots of stinging nettle
  • Wormwood spoon
  • Spoon of juniper berries


  • Two tablespoons of plantain.
  • Put the herb mixture in a liter of red wine and leave to stand for 12 hours.

After that, add the wine, 4 tablespoons of honey and cook for about half an hour. Let the cooked wine to cool. Take a tablespoon of warm medicinal wine before a meal.

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