Make the Greyed Hair Black Again with Natural Remedies

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We can all say that grey hair is not good if you are young. This is more often seen lately and it means the hair follicles drop in quality. And chemicals on the hair make things worse. To cure this, here are some natural examples.


They are mainly for cooking, BUT for white hair they reverse the pigment. Peel their skin and grind them to make paste. Massage this paste on the scalp and let it soak for 30 min. put shower cap on to avoid this in the eyes. Shampoo well after 30 min. do this daily for a week.

Gooseberry and lemon

This fruit is amazing and is good for the hair. It is native in Europe, north Africa and south-southeast Asia. Also they can be found in California, San Francisco bay in every market. For the hair, make this as powder. Apply this on the head with some lemon juice and massage.

Lemon and coconut oil

Mix lemon juice and coconut oil to make hair darker. Do this daily and the hair will also be much softer.

Carrot juice

Here, you do not need applying. Drink the juice instead for healthy hair.

Black tea

If you are a brunette and need dark hair again, this tea ahs natural dark colors that make keratin and melanin more. Wash the hair with this tea daily.

Sesame seeds

Massage some sesame seeds in the hair daily for 3 days and make more keratin and melanin in the scalp.


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