How To Make Blackberry Wine For Good Health

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Homemade blackberry wine for blood count

Fans blackberries certainly enjoy the summer, when this plant matures and gives birth to a delicious berry fruits dark colors, of which, among other things, people can make  the medical blackberry wine. It is an excellent antioxidant, strengthens immunity, prevents cardiovascular ailments, in a word blackberry is an outstanding medicine from nature.

In addition it can be consumed as fresh fruit, it is possible to find the products, in the form of blackberry juice, jam, tea, or very requested blackberry wine. It has long been known as a folk medicine that our ancestors used against anemia, it is good for children and is recommended in the nutrition of pregnant women and women who are in menopause, and as such is used to this day. Below you will be more familiar with this plant, its properties, and how to make the famous homemade blackberry wine.

Winemaking Blackberry’s simple and convenient to everyone in the home industry can prepare him. You need to get a fresh blackberries, preferably directly from the manufacturer or to search for vendors in the market. If you can not find fresh, you can buy frozen and available year-round.

How much wine do you want to do is directly dependent on the amount of blackberries that you purchased. In addition, it is necessary to obtain and sugar, which should be 20 percent of the amount of purchased fruit. It is recommended that you initially acquire 10 kilograms of fruit and 2 kilograms of sugar.

If you estimate that the Blackberry you have acquired a lot of sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar. Here are two ways to make blackberry wine.


Fresh berries pour into a barrel or a large container, which has previously been cleaned and thoroughly mash to release its juice until the device pasty. In this add sugar and mix to fully united. After that, the blackberry wine pour into glass bottles cleaned and plugs do not close until the end, because that wine should not boil permeated. These bottles leave in the sun for 60 days, after which it can consume. After that, close the bottle stoppers or the cork and keep in a cool place.

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