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Feeling the hippy hair vibes? Anyone who has tried growing out their hair will know achieving ultra-lengthy and healthy locks is no easy feat, so we’re spilling the beans on how to maintain long hair naturally.

While we’d all love for there to be a one-step answer to getting the hair of our dreams, there’s always more to it than that. Just adopt this fail-safe hair routine and let biology do the rest.

Start From the Inside Out

If you’re growing your hair out, the number one thing you want to do is prevent is breakage. Regular trips to the salon to snip off split ends is a good first port of call, but focusing your efforts on new growth will always pay off more.

Aside from a balanced diet with plenty of fatty acids, adding a targeting supplement into the mix can work wonders. Seek out an organic blend with biotin and silica to support strong hair growth. In some cases the right supplement can even make your hair grow faster!

Keep Your Hair Conditioned

Depending on the health and natural state of your hair, navigating the haircare market to find the ideal conditioner for you can be tricky business. Swing by our suggestions for the best conditioners for every hair type to find your match, and then be militant about it applying it with every wash.

Speaking of washing, you’ll want to avoid doing it daily as it can unnecessarily dry out your strands and even leave your scalp unbalanced (just maintain daily using the next tips below). Your scalp is the beginning to a healthy mane, so you’ll want to stay in its good books!

Instead, give your hair a weekly boost with a hair mask. Try one of these DIY recipes or simply stick to an all-over oil treatment for beautiful, glossy results.

It’s All About Daily Maintenance

Hairbrushes matter. Fact. You might think that despite them coming in all different shapes and sizes, they all they do the same job. In a sense you’d be right; they all brush your hair, but some of them do it way better than others.

The trouble with long locks is that no matter what type of hair you have, the ends tend to get drier as the length increases. Simply put, the natural oils from your scalp have to travel further to do their job. This is where a killer hairbrush comes into play!

Boar bristle brushes take care of the task by distributing the sebum from your roots to ends, not only providing the lengths of your hair with your own self-made conditioner but minimizing oily roots.

Having lengthy hair also means you’ll be tieing it back often, so try and use hair ties without any metal parts which tend to snag and snap your strands. Creaseless bands have become increasingly on trend, and are the best for keeping your hair out of the way without causing damage.

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