An Italian doctor shocked the world : Cancer is a fungus that can be treated with baking soda! (VIDEO)

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Very famous doctor from Italia states that cancer is in fact a fungus.

The most shocking news is that he claims that the cure for cancer lays in baking soda. And his claims are backed up by the fact that he cured over 100 people who had different kinds and forms of cancer.

This is almost hard to believe to but since we know that baking soda has good benefits what can be lose by trying. This remedy is very cheap and it doesn’t make any pain. To me chemo is very scary and almost every stats say that there are some chances of the patient not to make it through the chemo.


For plants carcinoma is made from fungus infections, and this matters for the humans also. Fungi helds a tumor within them – and this is backed up by research both in vivo and in-vitro studies.

This Italian doctor states that the fungi creates the cancer, weakens our immune system and after that  will attack the whole body.

Almost every form of cancer is because of Candida fungus,and this is backed up by many studies, and its histological structure is a result of the defensive measures against the invasion.

Over time, our tissues are weakened and tired, and they start producing unidentified cells. According to Dr. Simonchini, cancer is an “ulcer” where deformed cells accumulate and form colonies.

Treatment and Prevention

The fungal development must be kept in check. Left untreated, candida can lead to candidiasis which can cause symptoms that mimic other diseases and result in perforation in the intestines and leaky gut syndrome. This will allow protein to attack your blood cells. In order to prevent further problems, we first need to eliminate the foods that feed candida – sugar and starch.

This means no bread, candy, fresh fruit, pasta and rice for a while. Focus on eating raw fruit and steamed vegetables, and some people have had great results with grapefruit seeds. Dr. Simonchini recommends using aluminum-free baking soda for the treatment of cancer. It can be found in almost all health stores and pharmacies.

How the Therapy Works

Baking soda significantly increases the alkalinity of your blood which destroys the fungi. Due to this, baking soda quickly disintegrates the tumor, leaving it without defense.

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