Home Remedy: How to Clean Correctly Ear Wax?

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Surely you know the wax of the ears. It is that orange viscous substance that is secreted naturally by the ear and its function is to provide protection of bacteria and keep the area lubricated so that the ear canal can function properly.

While the production of wax or earwax is natural and necessary, when large amounts of it are accumulated in the ear, it can lead to the development of other complications of pain, irritation, itching and loss of hearing.

So that you can avoid wax plugs, in this article we will teach you how to prepare a home remedy that is very effective. Read on to find all the information you need.


First of all it is important to keep in mind that a healthy ear cleans itself and does not usually accumulate wax in the ear canal. However, there are several reasons that can lead to the formation of earwax earplugs.

One of the main causes is the use of swabs or cotton swabs since, while believed to be used for cleaning, they actually only lead to obstruction, irritation and inflammation of the ear. Also, those who use sharp elements to remove surface wax also end up damaging their ear as they push the earwax into the ear canal, providing the formation of earplugs.

Other times the plugs may appear after a cold or sinusitis because these conditions increase the amount of nasal secretion. Another reason may be related to a blockage or trauma of the ear canal provided by a blow that can hinder the natural cleaning of the ear.

Finally, another cause is due to the deficiency of minerals such as zinc and magnesium or Omega 3 fatty acids since this could lead to a very high production of wax, preventing the ear from being able to get rid of it.

Anyway, today we will teach you how to prepare a home remedy from Chinese medicine that will help you remove the wax plugs without having to go to a doctor. Pay attention to what we will tell you next.


-1/3 cup vinegar
-1/3 cup ethyl alcohol


The preparation of this remedy is very simple. You only need to put 1/3 cup of vinegar and 1/3 cup of alcohol in a bowl and then mix well so that the ingredients are properly integrated.


1.First, wet a cotton with the prepared solution
2.Then place two or three drops of the solution on the damaged ear with the head tilted
3.Leave it to rest for five minutes and then move the head to the other side to expel the rest of the solution and the earwax
4.Then remove the wax that has come out with a little cotton soaked with water
5.Repeat this process twice a day

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