Here’s How Much Sleep you need According to your Age

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You all know that for a good night sleep you need at least 8 hours. But this doesn’t count for all ages.

If you want to sleep better look at these 7 habits that make you problems:


Back pain can be very painful and sometimes you are not able to move or stand up. Excessive sleep can make you more prone to back pain since it weakens the muscles on your back. So, instead of staying in bed, do some low-intensity exercises to strengthen your back muscles.


If you stay too much in the bed you will slow the metabolism and your energy will be stored instead of used. A recent study in which two groups of participants had similar exercise and diet regimens, the group of participants who slept for ten hours a night were more likely to become obese 6 years afterwards than those who slept 8 hours.


Depression impacts the sleep in two ways, manifested by oversleeping or insomnia. About 15% of people who suffer from depression are sleeping excessively. Furthermore, oversleeping can have a negative impact on the mental health and hamper the recovery.


If you sleep with stress or sleep too much this leads to painful headaches.

Having too much or too little sleep can reduce the ability of your body to process glucose, and this may lead to type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance over time. A study that analyzed the everyday habits of 276 people for six years revealed that those who slept less or more than the recommended were more likely to develop impaired tolerance to glucose and diabetes compared to those people who had normal sleeping habits.


In order to be in shape and to function properly we need to rest and exercise. But if we do too much of them it can be dangerous.According to the Nurses’ Health Study that examined the sleeping habits of 72,000 women, those women who slept about 11 hours every night were more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease compared to those that had eight hours of sleep at night.


Although this phenomenon is not fully examined, people that have nine or more hours of sleep at night are more likely to die as a result of a medical condition compared to those who sleep eight hours.

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