Full Length Body Weight Workout For Abs And Butt

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I know I say this at the end of every month’s theme, but you guys! I had so much fun this month with COREtober!

This was a month of sweat quite unlike any other, but do not fret if you did not catch it all in real time, because this workout is a perfect synopsis.

I took all the COREtober challenge exercises and lined them up end to end in a 35-minute sweat-fest that is sure to get your abs and butt burning.

You can follow along in real time with the video below, or set this one up quite easily for yourself with a timer, a chair and a small patch of empty space on your living room wall.

35-Minute Abs And Butt Body Weight Workout

Level: Beginner

Equipment: A chair and a wall

Warm Up and Cool Down: Not included

Exercise Time: 35 minutes

Why You Are Going To Love This Workout

It does not sound hard. And it does not even feel particularly difficult until about 20 minutes in, and then all of a sudden you are like, “Oh, now I get it!” Core stability work is not going to make you sore tomorrow, but you know what? It will totally make you strong tomorrow!

Where This Fits Into Your Routine

This is all CORE, which means your abs and your butt, with a lot of emphasis on balance. So, this fits anywhere on your schedule, and could almost be a daily thing if you have got an extra 30 minutes at your disposal every day.

Who Can Do This Workout Safely And Well

This one is very “beginner” until about halfway through, and then it gets a little more “beginner+”. It is awesome for runners or anybody who wants to strengthen their abs and work on stability and balance (I am thinking older adults here!).

Calories Burned

Not a lot. This is not weight loss work, it is more foundational than that. You will burn somewhere between 200 – 250 (this number depends on your weight and intensity!).

Main Workout

Timer is set for one minute intervals – there is no rest.

  • Core Bracing
  • Balance Openers (one interval on each side)
  • Walking Wall Planks
  • Around the World Kicks
  • Wall Squat with Steps
  • Wall Sit Hold
  • Star Balance by Degrees (one interval on each side)
  • Balance Alphabet (one interval on each side)
  • Leg Press Outs (one interval on each side)
  • Foot Lifts
  • Butt Hovers
  • Full Body Hover
  • Crunches
  • Spiderman Sprawls
  • Bridge Marching + Bridge Hold
  • Bad Bananas + Bridge Hold
  • Snow Angels + Bridge Hold
  • Bicycles + Bridge Hold
  • Bridge Leg Lowers
  • Mule Pushes + Fire Hydrants (both on one side, then the other)
  • Plank Pointer Dogs


  • Plank Hold

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