Five Symptoms That You Had a Silent Stroke – More Will Follow

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All of us at some point of our lives are afraid that our health is going to end in a bad place. Sometimes we feel like we have done something wrong and we do not know hoe to explain it. I am sure that every one of us wants to live and have a better, healthier and more joyful life filled with positive energy.

Do you know someone close to you that have experienced a stroke? Are you afraid of it? Stroke can be determined earlier if you only knew the signs. These are some of them :

  • Loss of vision or blurry vision –The first process starts with the eyes. The whole disease can make changes to the one or maybe the two eyes. About 44 % of the people who had an experience with stroke said that they had troubles with their vision.
  • Vertigo (or sudden headache) – vertigo occurs in all cases, no exceptions, with women who are under the age of 45. If this is happening to you often, then you should not prolong it any more and immediately consult your doctor.
  • Trouble with speaking and understanding speech – it is a fact that in some parts of the day, some tiny confusions can pass as almost unnoticed. But, feeling in a state of delirium and being able to speak can quite often lead to confusion.


  • Trouble walking or a loss of balance – a clear cut sign of a stroke is unexpected sluggishness and general weakness in the upper or the lower limbs. Some of the people who have experienced a stronger stroke have even experienced total paralysis and collapse. What you have to be aware of is that the paralysis is a sign of a stroke, and it requires immediate medical attention. If you want to check this symptom out just to make sure, here is a simple and fast test. Open your arms wide, face your palms up, an hold this position for about 10 seconds. If one of your arms unexpectedly drops then your muscles are definitely weak.
  • Do you experience some pain in a particular side of your face? – the stroke is not always accompanied by paralysis or pain, but if you happen to feel a sharp pain stab in your extremities or in only one side of your face, then you will be dealing with a stroke some time very very soon.

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