Here Is How to Eliminate Your Neck and Back Pain Forever!

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A large number of people throughout the world experience back or neck pain. The pain or stiffness in the back and neck can make it difficult for you to perform your daily activities.

The factors that cause this type of pain vary, but back or neck pain is typically triggered by improper body posture. Moreover, it can be also caused by an injury, hernia disc, a degenerated vertebrae, spinal stenosis or strained muscles. That’s not all, other factors that contribute to this type of pain include age, folded back, heavy loads, insomnia, exercise, and reading in bed.

Unfortunately, in about 85% of cases, the root cause of back pain cannot be detected. In addition, magnetic resonance cannot also provide a proper diagnosis. In most cases, back pain sufferers feel relief within a couple weeks, whereas others may feel relief within a few months.

Use These Simple Methods to Get Rid of Your Back Pain:
  1. Practice specific stretches and exercises in order to alleviate your back pain. Also, it is highly recommended to avoid prolonged sitting. However, if you have to sit for hours at work, then you should stand up as well as move around occasionally.
  2. Your back pain may be triggered by sleeping on deformed and overused mattress. So, change your mattress in case it is older than 5 years.
  3. Avoid sleeping on your belly because it can worsen the pain.
  4. It is advisable to walk, run, and hike to reduce your back pain.
  5. Avoid lifting or carrying heavy loads since it could result in an injury, or spinal joint damage.
  6. In case you have small kids, simply take your child in your arms, crouch and then gradually lift it with your thigh muscles, not the back.
  7. You should also bend the knees in all activities, in particular when carrying babies, bags, brushing your teeth, or lifting something heavy.

Additionally, the shoulders are quite delicate joints that are prone to damage. The main causes of shoulder pain include:

  • Stretching
  • Stiff shoulder
  • Fracture of the hand bone
  • Unstable joints
  • Dislocation injury

Neck pain can last less than 4 months, i.e., acute neck pain or last longer, i.e., chronic neck pain. The major culprits of neck pain include:

  • Stretched or damaged neck structures such as a muscle, ligament, or tendon
  • Improper sleeping position
  • Physical inactivity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Improper body posture while sitting or walking
  • Over-stretching
  • Cramps
  • Stress
These Guidelines Will Help You Manage Your Neck Pain Effectively:
  1. Stress not only triggers neck pain, but it can also contribute to many other health problems. So, try to relax and lower stress by using some yoga and meditation techniques, or anything that calms your body and mind.
  2. Exercise on a regular basis, and move your neck muscles to relax them and alleviate the pain.
  3. Apply hot or cold compress on the aching body areas regularly.
  4. Get a massage by a professional massage therapist.
  5. Change your sleeping position or your pillow since they may be the root cause of your neck pain. Consider sleeping on a feather pillow because it is soft for your neck and head. Furthermore, you can also sleep on memory foam pillows as they can adapt on your neck and head.

On the other hand, you should avoid sleeping on high or hard pillows since they can result in neck stiffness. In case you sleep on one side, then make sure you never curve your spine. Also, when traveling, use a travel pillow and proper joint support.

Watch the following video for immediate neck pain relief:


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