How To Easily Grow An Endless Supply Of Onions On Your Window Sill !

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The best natural remedy for inflammation and infections are the onions. Phytochemicals in onions will increase the amount of vitamin C in human body, and boost the immunity.

Chromium regulates the blood sugar levels.

Do you often eat raw onions? This vegetable will give distinctive flavor to dishes, and the fact that produces good cholesterol for the body is why people often add it to so many meals.

Quercetin from the onions has anticancer properties .Even if you have a bite from a honeybee just rub some onion on the spot and it will disappear.

Onions are preventing the free radical damage, and with that reduce the risk of gastric ulcer. The bright green parts of onions are an excellent source of vitamin A, so you need to eat more of these.

If you hate how dicing your onions brings tears to your eyes, we’ll give you a good reasons to love it. Onions prevent the development of many diseases. Enjoy the avalanche of good flavors, and get ready for the immense immunity boost.

What’s the best thing about onions? It’s the convenience of growing them on your windowsill.

You will sure find fresh onions in every supermarket, but you could never know their true origin or the way it was cultivated. If your climate conditions allow you to grow your own onions, use this opportunity, and develop your gardening skills. There’s nothing better than plucking your own onions.

Don’t know how to plant onions? We’ll give you a few handy tips!

First, let’s go through the items you need for this “adventure.”

  • Onions
  • Organic soil
  • Water
  • 5-liter plastic bottle
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the “neck” off the bottle.
  2. Use the scissors to make holes in the bottle. Make sure they are wide enough.
  3. The onion sprouts should be placed through the holes.
  4. Put the soil in the bottle, and place it on the windowsill.
  5. Tape the “neck” back on the bottle.

You should see your first sprouts pretty soon. Watch your greens grow, and use them to make your dishes tasty.

Onion relish recipe


  • Onions
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Cilantro leaves


Slice the onions, drizzle over fresh lemon juice and season with salt. Coarsely chopped cilantro leaves will make your onion relish wonderful, and your simple, fresh salad is ready!


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