Drinking too much? Here is why you need to stop

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In the United States, alcohol is the fourth leading preventable cause of death causing deaths of some 88000 people every year. So if you are a heavy drinker, there is a good chance it is ruining your well-being. But how can alcohol possibly be so dangerous, you may ask. Here are four critical conditions that doctors link to chronic drinking:

Senior scientists have long associated alcohol with a wide array of cancers. When alcohol is consumed and gets into your body, it doesn’t last long before it’s broken down to a carcinogen called acetaldehyde. Carcinogens are harmful chemical substances that are capable of triggering cancer in the body. Doctors believe that acetaldehyde in the body can accelerate development of cancers of the mouth, the throat, the liver, and more.

Cardiovascular diseases
You think binging on alcohol is healthy? Think again. A study by Harvard researchers in 2005 showed that heavy drinking doubled the risk of death of people who had a history of heart disease. Heavy drinking has also been shown to cause cardiomyopathy, a condition that weakens the heart muscles leading to their failure. Excess alcohol also results in ventricular fibrillation and atrial fibrillation, two conditions that cause uncontrolled twitching of muscles in the main chambers of the heart and could lead to unconsciousness and sudden death.

Liver Cirrhosis
A high level of alcohol in your blood can be severely toxic to your liver. Cirrhosis is the condition that develops when one’s liver has is extensively scarred by these toxins. At its advanced stage, cirrhosis leads to liver failure and eventually death. Doctors say that drinking women have a higher chance of developing liver cirrhosis than their male counterparts.

Has you tummy ever ached after a night out drinking? It is because drinking, particularly on an empty stomach, can lead to gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach linings. But this is nothing compared to chronic pancreatitis which is has been linked to alcohol in 60% of the cases reported. Chronic pancreatitis is a deadly condition which not only comes with awful abdominal pain but also endless diarrhea.

Overcoming alcohol addiction isn’t a breeze. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible either! All that’s need is the will to stop after which you should immediately start seeking help to bring your alcohol consumption under control. If you haven’t had your first drink yet, it’s better and safer to keep it that way.

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