Cure the Varicose Veins with Tomatoes!

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Varicose veins can be cured with tomatoes! Here are the best 2 ways to heal such veins with green and red tomatoes.

Curing with green tomatoes

This cure helps with the vein issues. Get a few green tomatoes, wash them and slice them in rings. Put these rings on the vein nodes and vein capillaries. If you need, secure with bandage and socks. Keep the tomatoes there until you feel a tingle in the skin. If this is too much for you, remove the slices sooner and rinse with cold water. If all goes well, result is seen soon. This method must be done 5 times daily in a row.

After 14 days of this daily method, the veins and their nodes will fade. The nodes, capillaries, pain and swelling will also be gone. The red ripe tomato too helps here, read below…

Curing with red ripe tomatoes

This is similar to the green one. Wash the tomatoes and slice them to put the slices on the veins for 4 hours. Secure with bandage and replace tomatoes after some time. This is done at night.

The duration can vary. You can do this for the whole summer if you use the green ones.

Tomato is a healing veggie, apart from the seeds, it also has items that work like aspirin. Its acid is anticoagulant and this dilutes the blood not to make it stagnate. Also, flavonoids are present too for stronger blood vessel walls.


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