Blushwood Fruit Seeds – A Cancer Healer

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The seeds of blushwood fruit tree also known as Hylandia dockrillii grows in Australia does a great job of killing cancer cells. This fruit has been around for thousands of years yet it’s only now in the last few years that we’ve found that compounds in these seeds kill cancer.

Where it Grows – Blushwood fruit trees grows in the bush of Queensland area of Australia where lots of different fruits grow. But this tree is very particular and only grows in certain areas with the right conditions, and with deforestation these trees are becoming hard to find.

Works Right Away – Some small trials with people have been done where they inject the extract or EBC-46 into the tumor and within 48 hours the tumor dies and the cancer is gone. Within 5 minutes the tumors start to turn black and within 48 hours the tumors disappear according to the Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia. Dr. Glen Boyle has been leading the research on blushwood and has been studying this fruit for 8 years now with great success.

Main Compound – The main compound is EBC-46 and so far tests with dogs, cats, and horses with skin tumors it has done a great job of killing cancer cells.

Heals 75% of all Cancers – But right now it’s been proven in clinic trials in animals and starting now in people that the extract from the blushwood fruit seeds can kill up to 75% of all types of cancers. In fact with 300 cases of melanoma in dogs, cats, and horses EBC-46 worked amazingly well for healing this terrible cancer within 25 to 30 days. And over a 12 month period there was very little regrowth of tumors showing that this compounds really does work.

How it Works – So far what we know is that this compounds shuts off the blood supply to the tumors and also kicks up a person own immune system to kill the tumor. It’s a bit more complicated that but that’s the general idea.

Great for Those Who Can’t Take Chemo – This new treatment is very good news for those cancer patients who can’t take chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation treatments.

So Far EBC-46 Does Not Work for Metastatic Tumors – So far tumors have to be injected with a needle and thus metastatic tumors have not been healed with EBC-46… but more studies to be done.

Here is a nice short video  –

Extract Process Complicated – The extract process for EBC-46 is complicated so it’s not like one can order the seeds crush them up and eat them. But more and more work is being done so we may have a full-fledged cancer cure very soon.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

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