Bitter Orange: A Wonderful Cure To Start The Day

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Bitter orange is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and promotes our hepatic health. Try to get organic oranges to use your shell without problems

As you know, there are many types of oranges. However, bitter orange ( citrus aurantium) has properties that make it unique and exceptional for our health.

It is a citrus much smaller, rounded and with the skin more clear and rough. It’s satiating and metabolic-activating properties make bitter orange a very useful remedy for weight loss.

Now, not only are they suitable to facilitate the loss of body fat, but also, its multiple vitamins and minerals make this small fruit a very useful piece for various medicinal remedies.

Therefore, today in our space we want to explain how you can carry out a simple cure based on bitter orange.

Benefits of Bitter Orange for Your Health

It can have many uses. In fact, it is common to make essential oils for cosmetics, perfumes or other beauty treatments.

It is also a very useful resource in our kitchen, especially to make various desserts. Its bitter taste gives it an original touch that combines very well with chocolate, or we can also take advantage to enjoy the rich bitter orange jam.

Now, if we are accustomed, for example, to taking a bitter orange over several days, we will get all these benefits:

Bitter orange is a stimulant of metabolism

It is rich in a type of alkaloid called synephrine that helps us activate the metabolism. Its pulp and the natural components in it are thermogenic stimulators.

-As you know, the acceleration of fat metabolism is accompanied by an increase in the burning of calories, which, in turn, causes a rise in body temperature.

Therefore, acts in much the same way as green tea to help us lose weight.

-One aspect we must keep in mind is that its activating and thermogenic properties also act as elevators of blood pressure. Therefore, if we suffer from hypertension it is better not to overdo it in the consumption of it.

Bitter orange treats indigestion

Something interesting to remember is that every bitter fruit or vegetable takes care of our liver and digestive health. They are stimulants and regulators of bile acids, and these help us to do much better digestion.

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