The Best Things to Eat Before a Workout

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Don’t exercise on an empty stomach !!!

Something a lot of people get wrong is that not eating enough or working out on an empty stomach is contraproductive to a proper diet. In order to make sure you can provide a stream of energy during your exercise and enough protein to repair your muscles afterwards, one needs to have eaten before workout. For the round about hour of workout the human body needs carbs and proteins to fuel itself.

A lot of people spare breakfast and turn to work out first thing in the morning. In order to provide the body with at least a bit of energy before breakfast one should eat a banana.
Bananas are known to be full of fast acting carbohydrates. These fuel the body and supply one with potassium aids who remain the muscle and nerve function in tact.

Oat comes in many forms. It is rich of fiber which is known to help regulate the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This makes it a steady energy supply throughout the workout.

Caffeine is known to be an energy booster. What it is not really known for is to be responsible to increase the rate of fat burn. So in order to kill your tiredness and burn more fat have a cup of coffee or a simple espresso shot right before your workout.

Egg white
an egg white omlett can provide you with 12 grams of protein if only used 3 eggs. It contains no fat since the egg yolk is the slowly metabolized part one wont feel full or bloated.

Dried fruit
If in a hurry one can always grab a handfull of dried fruit, such as berries, apricots, apple or bananas. It works like dextrose and boosts you instantly with energy without being too heavy on the stomach.

Whole grain toast
Brown rice is accounted to the so called whole grains. Whole grains comes in differernt forms such as toast, bread, nudles or rice. It is full of fiber which provides slow-release energy. This kind of energy can help to keep the strenght during the workout.

Chicken breast and brown rice
Best before exercising is to eat something light, not too heavy on the stomach. Eventhough one should wait until after the workout with proper dinner the average of 2-3 hours of not eating before workout should be taken into account. Before or best after workout is to eat something rich of protein like tofu or chicken breast. Because of its high amount of protein it helps to repair the muscle after the workout. Brown rice is full of complex carbohydrates which helps to sustain the energy production. Important is to stick to whole grain/starchy vegetables. Heavy food can rain on your parade and make work out even more exhausting.

Greek yoghurt
Greek yoghurt is richer in its amount of protein and contains less raw sugar as regular yogurt. This provides an energy boost which is better for the digestive system.


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