The Best 8 Herbs for Clearing Mucus, Infections and Repairing the Lungs

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The herbs below were used for a long time in Chinese medicine and native American cures for breathing issues and boosting these organs. Apart from overall health, these heal infections too and repair lung damages.

Licorice root

This is harmonizing and found in every traditional Chinese cure. It soothes and softens the throat as it clears mucus. Saponins loosen the phlegm and makes you remove mucus easy. Other items here are helping bronchial spasms, remove inflammations, kills bacteria and viruses and keeps you safe from lung cancer.


Tussilago farfara or coltsfoot is daisy of the family Asteraceae native in Europe and Asia. It was used in Native American recipes for lung health. it clears excess mucus and soothes all bronchial tubes and lungs too. Also helps in asthma, bronchitis, cough and lung issues. Also make tincture or tea.


The thyme has oils that are antifungal, antiseptic and antibiotic. The thyme tea can erase viruses and bacteria so it kills any infection. It was used for the lungs in ancient times and people today use this for prevention of breathing organ issues. It boosts the work of lungs too.


This spice has flavonoids, carvacrol and terpenes all decongesting you. It has rosmarinic acid that is histamine reducing and acts on the nasal passage and breathing organs. The oil of oregano is even better for curing pneumonia, infection made by viruses, fungi, bacteria and such, use a few drops of this in warm water or milk for lung detox.


This is praised as the best herb medicine know. The extract is loaded with lobeline, item for fighting drug resistant tumors, making more epinephrine and loosening the phlegm. So this herb aids in relaxing air paths and makes you breathe easy.


It soothes the throat and smells really nice. It can be added in cough syrups and lozenges too. The cineole, its item is expectorant and fights congestion, boosts immunity and eases up coughing.


Mint has menthol, item that soothes and relaxes muscles in respiratory tract. It is antihistamine too and is a decongestant, relieves the throat and removes mucus. Inhalants and chest balms have all mint.


The sage tea is amazing for sore throat and coughs and is used widely everywhere. Also it removes mucus, cures lung issues and sinusitis too.

Using these herbs

Most these herbs can be made into tea, or as essential oils, added in meals and such.


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