The Benefits of Kukui Oil

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For centuries so far, Hawaiian women relied on the kukui nut oil for many skin and hair issues. It has light scent and yellow color, from the seeds of kukui nut tree or candlenut tree. The names comes from the Hawaiians who lighted up the fruits to be as candles for their porches.

This oil may not be know like the rest but has many uses. You will be amazed for sure. More and more skin or care items rely on the kukui. Let us see the kukui benefits:

Moisture for skin

What is great here is that is easily in the skin seeped. So it will not be grease and you can use moisturizer. Put this on the knees and elbows or on face to make them shiny.


Put this oil before you step outside and allow sunscreen safety. This keeps you safe from UV rays and SPF always has to be minimum 15 for good safety from damage and burns.

Soothing burns

Have you forgot the sun relaxes you? Well kukui can relieve that sunburn and give you relief. Also this is good for other burns too. Some hospitals even use it for radiation therapy.

Alleviating acne

Since it has antioxidants and kills inflammation, this cures acne too. Other oils also are good but kukui is not greasy and absorbs well acne will be gone and face will be shiny.

Soothing skin issues

Since the kukui soothes skin, also is good for any inflammation like psoriasis, eczema and such.

Stretch marks

Some women swear by kukui for the stretched skin. This oil has fat acids and vitamin E so juts massage it and see marks disappear.

Wound healing

It kills bacteria and inflammation and also heals minor scrapes and cuts. This comes also from the calendula oil which enhances and has also skin benefits.

Split ends

Massage kukui on hair ends and while the hair is damp after shower. This gives moisture, stops split ends and will give life to the hair.

Get kukui right  now. Always have a bottle away from heat or sun to keep all benefits inside.


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