The Amazing Benefits of Beetroot for the Lips, Hair and Face

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The beetroot is known for the juice and salad adding.  It has strong and sweet aroma and flavor, many minerals and vitamins too. it makes more stamina and is healthy. It makes the hair and skin look amazing too!

Prevention from early aging signs

Due to the antioxidants, this juice can be used topically for aging signs. It has antioxidants for the free radicals and fighting fine lines. For this use, you need to get medium beet, peel this and slice it. Put it in blender and mash it. Use strainer for the pulp and use the juice with cotton ball to dab on the face. After 10 min rinse it and do this at night, every week.

Dry skin moisture

Having this juice makes the skin much hydrated and removes dead skin cells.

For pigmentation and blemishes

Beet has loads of vitamin C and reduces skin flaws. It also removes spots off the skin.

For hair loss

Beet juice resolves hair issues and hair loss. It has potassium and deficit of this mineral means more hair issues. We need this mineral for hair growth.

Highlights to hair

For some purple burgundy hues in the hair, mix some henna and beet juice. Let this sit on the hair for 2 hours and rinse-shampoo.

For dandruff

If the scalp itches and you have flakes, get beet. It has silica and more enzymes that resolve scalp problems. Also this soothes the scalp and makes the hair shiny. Add vinegar in this before use.

Beet is already known as beneficial veggie for the liver too and blood, since it makes more hemoglobin in the blood and lowers pressure too. apart from this, beet and its juice make the skin and hair look much nicer with no chemicals.


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