5 Signs That Show You Are Addicted To Sugar, And 3 Ways To Overcome It

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Have you ever wondered what sugar has that makes you want to eat it? Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar and have you realized how difficult it is? Sugar dominates us much more than we want to admit. There are many people who do not realize at all, that they have a sugar addiction. Did you know that the average American consumes an average of 130 pounds a year?

A study in Princeton has shown evidence that sugar and artificial sweeteners have the same neurological and behavioral effects of cocaine, one of the most addictive substances on the face of the earth. You can read more about it in an article called: “Evidence of sugar addiction: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent and excessive sugar intake.”

Do you want to know if sugar dominates you? Here are 5 signs that you are addicted to sugar:

1. Eat more sweet snacks than you plan.

Have you ever approached a box of donuts or cookies with the intention of eating only one? A few minutes later you want to eat ONLY one more. You rationalize it and go for it. Even after two, do you find yourself wanting to eat more? You fight, very strong.

2. You crave complex carbohydrates like bread, pasta, etc.

This point may seem like a surprise to many people, but there is a lot of truth. Many addicts find themselves, with strong cravings for complex carbohydrates like bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. You may be wondering why. After consuming complex carbohydrates, the body transforms them into simple carbohydrates (sugar) very quickly and can fuel your body addiction.

3.Rewards with snacks.

You’ve just finished a balanced meal, so you know it’s not a good idea to go eat your colleague’s cake in the kitchen in the office. You start rationalizing that it would be good to eat it because you deserve it. So you go for that slice and you tell yourself it’s the last time. But it’s never the last time.

4. Try to cut sugar from your diet, but you can not.

You’re always talking about a detox. You’ve seen your friends do it. It’s on your to-do list, but you’re never fully committed to it. Could it be a lack of discipline, or maybe it is that cravings for sugar do not leave you alone?

5. You crave sweet snacks after every meal.

You finish a meal. Are you satisfied? Suddenly, that urge to eat something sweet comes to you. You do. But, it’s not just for today, it’s every day. And you think, what’s wrong? Think again.

Sugar is related to obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, depression, headaches, and fatigue. Those cravings are also one of the most common reasons why people have great difficulty in losing weight and staying healthy.

If you can relate to any of these things, sugar has dominated you and you are addicted to sugar. It’s okay to admit it. Some people call this their sweet tooth, a slight addiction. But what can you do? Here are some tips that can help you:

1. Admit it, accept it.

The first step is awareness. You may realize that you identify with the issues mentioned above, but you still need to accept it and stop allowing your eating habits to be controlled.

2. Make a plan of attack.

Reading food labels and making a conscious awareness of staying away from added sugars can empower you to give up the habit. There are at least 56 different names for sugar listed in foods. Educate yourself.

3. Food Supplements.

A dietary supplement that sets itself apart from the rest is Seynani. It is a spray, used as a training tool to help you re-train your brain and cut with that addiction. It is simple to use and very easy to carry wherever you go. There are other products that come in the form of pills.

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