40 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Without Leaving Your House

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If you were looking for a way to blast belly fat without running or going on a conventional diet, look no further! This article offers 40 tips on how to shed belly fat easily, yet do it the healthy way.

40 Ways To Shed Pounds

1.      Slow Down Your Eating Time

It is recommended to set a time of approximately 25 minutes per meal, so that you can eat without hurry and prevent overeating.  This helps enjoy the taste of your meal, while avoiding eating oversized serving.

2.     Stair Climbing

Stair climbing helps accelerate the metabolism naturally, which makes it ideal way to burn calories and strengthen the legs.  Who would have thought that only a few minutes daily could turn into many calories burnt off?

3.     Sleep Supports Weight Loss

It has been scientifically shown that sleeping supports a healthy weight loss. According to a research done at University of Michigan, an hour more sleeping a night may lead to a 13-pound weight loss over the course of a year in an individual who consumes 2,500 calories daily.

4.     Consume More Vegetables

Incorporating more veggies in your daily diet is the basic step to losing weight.  They are high in both water and fiber content which provides a feeling of fullness with lesser calories.  Make sure you cook the veggies and eat them without high-fat dressings or source of fat.

5.     Eat Soup for Fewer Calories

Soup works as both good appetizer and main meal. Examples of healthy soups include wonton, minestrone, or tortilla soups.  Bone broth is yet another dish that helps shed pounds while keeping you healthy and energized.

6.     Eat Protein-Rich Foods

It has been shown that adding protein to your diet causes weight loss, without exercise or conscious calorie restriction. It reduces hunger by stimulating feeling fullness, which helps you lower your calorie intake.  Good examples of protein-rich foods include lentils, fish, chicken breasts, quinoa, almonds, and Greek yogurt.

7.     Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods increase feeling of fullness, helping you feel full for an extended period of time.  According to the experts, a special kind of fiber, called viscous fiber, is especially beneficial for weight loss.  Good examples of viscous fiber include plant foods like flax seeds, oat cereals, asparagus, beans, Brussels sprouts, and oranges.

8.     Eat Whole Grains

Whole grains, including barley, oats, brown rice, and buckwheat, is a good way to lose weight, too.  They are also found in products like waffles, pizza crust, and English muffins. The whole idea behind whole grains is that they help to refill faster.

9.     Reduce Sugary Drinks

Limit the intake of regular soda and swap it for water or tea.  You can also add some mint or citrus fruit to spring water for a better taste.

10.  Drink Smart

Use a thin and tall glass and drink about 25 percent less of the liquid you are drinking. Experts claim that people automatically pour more liquid into a short glass compared to a tall one.

11.  Eat like a Italian

“Italians don’t get fat” is a very popular saying used to describe Italian lifestyle.  One of the things that characterize their lifestyle is dining leisurely, balancing quality and quantity, stopping when you are full, enjoying homemade meal, and not “dieting”.

12.    Eye Your “Skinny” Outfit

Keeping a “skinny” outfit where you can see it every day helps stay focused and committed to your weight-loss goal.  However, don’t be too unrealistic and pick an outfit that is 5 sizes smaller.

13.  Limit Alcoholic Drinks

Limit your alcoholic intake, as swap alcohol for sparkling water.  Alcoholic beverages have about 7 calories per grams, which is more than carbohydrates.

14.  10 Minutes Pilates at Home

Pilates is an amazing activity which helps shed belly fat, maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen the muscles.

15.  Drink Green Tea

It has been scientifically shown that green tea supports weight loss through various mechanisms, one of which is its ability to boost metabolism.

16.  Practice Yoga

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association has shown that women who practice yoga weigh less.  They tend to pay attention to the signals their bodies sends, such stopping with their meal when they are feeling full.

17.  Cook Meals at Home

Many people who have managed to lose weight effectively said that they eat homemade meals.  Aim at having at least four home-cooked meals a week. Feel free to use shortcut foods like precut veggies, deli chicken, prewashed salads, and canned beans to make the preparation simpler.

18.    Chew Mint-Flavored Gum

Chew mint-flavored gum, especially when watching TV or spending time on the Internet, in order to avoid snacking and mindless eating.

19.     Pass on the Meat

Avoid bacon, beef and other meats, and swap them for turkey and fish. There are other alternatives to meat, including mustard, potatoes, tomatoes, and roasted peppers.

20.    Pick a Smaller Dish

Eating from a smaller dish saves approximately 100-200 calories daily, which equals a weight loss of 1-23 pounds a year.

21.     Be Aware of Your Food Portions

Try to keep control of your portions and aim at consuming modest servings.  Measuring the size of the portion eventually helps develop a feeling for the appropriate size of your dish.

22.    “Eating Pause”

This term refers to the situation in which you put own the fork/ spoon for a while. Once it happens, stop eating. While most people fail to recognize this signal, it is helpful and indicates that you are full.

23.    Make a Healthy Pizza

Swap the meat for veggies and use reduced-fat cheese to save around 104 calories per meal!

24.    Choose Tomato-Based Sauce

Tomato sauce has fewer calories compared to creamy sauces, so opt for marinara instead of Alfredo sauce, for example.

25.     The 80-20 Rule

This rule basically means that you should eat until you are 80% full. Unfortunately, most Americans eat until they feel 100% full.

26.  Vegetarian Meals

Generally, vegetarians lose weight much more easily compared to those who eat meat.  This means that incorporating more vegetarian meals into your daily diet will help you blast the belly fat and shed a few pounds.

27.  Tips for Eating Out

To keep the size of your portion and the calorie intake under control when eating out,  it is recommended to order a child`s plate or an appetizer as a meal, split a large plate with a friend, and ask for half of the meal to be packed for taking it home.

28.  Read Labels

To pick better and healthier options, always read the labels to check the calorie value as well as the amount of sugars, salt, and fat of the product.

29.    Store Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight

Store unhealthy foods out of sight when you are hungry in order to reduce hunger and cravings.  Healthy foods, on the other hand, should be stored somewhere you can see them, such as counter tops.

30.    Eat Without Electronic Distraction

Eating when watching TV or spending time on your computer causes you to lose track of the amount you have consumed, which in turn leads to overeating.  So, try to eat without electronic distraction by turning off all the electronic devices when eating.

31.     Serve Unhealthy Foods on Red Plates

It has been scientifically shown that serving unhealthy food on red plates helps lose weight. Namely, in a study in which subjects were given pretzels served in red, blue, or white plates, the ones eating food on red plates ate the least, possibly as they associated red color with a stop signal.

32.    Water Wise

Americans get over 1/5 of their daily calorie intake from drinks, meaning that switching to water is a good idea.  It has been scientifically proven that drinking water prior eating makes you feel full and thus shed pounds, too.

33.   Group Activity

Those who join teams are more successful in losing weight as this provides great encouragement and motivation.  As a matter of fact, these people are 20% more likely to succeed.

34.   Move to Lose

Climbing stairs, walking your dog, or simply brisk walking are good ways to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, as long as combined with a healthy eating plan.

35.    Feel Full with Feta Cheese!

Feta cheese is one of the best things you can add to your weight-loss plan, as it`s low in calories and makes you feel fuller. Note that it should be eaten in moderation, though.

36.   Drink Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit has been proven to be very effective when it comes to a weight loss process, as it hydrates the body, boosts immunity, and it even supports skin health.  The scent of grapefruit affects appetite and fat metabolism directly, so squeezing half a grapefruit is a good way to reap those benefits.

37.   Epsom Salt Baths

Accumulation of toxins is one of the major causes of weight gain, and enjoying Epsom salt bath is a good way to remove these toxins and blast belly fat.

38.   Essential Oils

Essential oils have been long used to treat health issues like infections, anxiety, nausea, burns, and skin irritation.  Recent studies now show that they could be beneficial when it comes to weight loss, too.

39.   Have THE “Special” Day!

Choose one day in the week to celebrate your success.  On this day, feel free to reward yourself with “unhealthy food” like ice cream, cake, or meat.

40.   Burn Extra Calories Per Day

Last but not least, burning extra 100 calories on a daily basis leads to a 12-pound weight loss within a year.  Here are some activities that can help you burn those extra 100 calories:

–        Walking (15-20 minutes)

–        Housecleaning (half an hour)

–         Light jogging (around 10 minutes)




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