14 products for purifying the body that you already have at home

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The liver is here to purify our body of toxins, but from time to time it is good and they should take care to make some type of detoxification.

To this end, in your home you already have products that can help to clear certain parts of the body.

For example:

Purification thyroid

Celery stimulates the thyroid gland, purifies the blood and prevents storage of urea joint. Therefore, it is good to drink green juice which will contain celery.

Purification of the digestive system

Onions help the food to digest better and absorb the beneficial ingredients, flaxseed binds to the toxins and they quickly clear from the body.

Purification of the pancreas

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium which help to clean accumulated mercury in the body.

Purification of the liver

Betaine which is found in beet cleanses the liver from toxins, Ginger speeds up metabolism and grapefruit activates the body plus contains vitamin C which is good support immunity.

Purification of the gallbladder

Olive oil helps to eliminate possible gathered stones in the gall bladder and reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

For purging

Cabbage brings with itself toxins and heavy metals that collect in the intestine and remove them from the body.

Purification kidney

Sea salt cleans acids through urination, cranberry is an antibiotic that helps to remove bacteria and parsley prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.

Purification of the colon

Bromelain which is found in pineapples helps to cleanse accumulated toxins in the colon.

To purify the whole body

Apples are a great help to the whole body purification.

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